Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive have a vast collection of works whose copyright has expired and are now in the public domain. Below are the books I have referenced here on the site. I am currently wading through all the errors made by those who prefer to "digitize" their reproductions rather than check their work. Might I add that epubs digitized by a certain obnoxious and disturbing search engine are absolutely atrocious and impossible to decipher without a PDF. I think I've taken care of most of the errors they made (I hope), but if you see that I missed one, let me know.

If you wish to download these as ePubs, you may do so here.

Telling Fortunes by Cards
1914. Carleton B. Case.
A symposium of the several ancient and modern methods as practiced by Arab seers and sibyls and the romany gypsies, with plain examples and simple instruction sto enable anyone to acquire the art with ease. Gathered from authentic sources by Mohammed Ali.
Fortune-Telling by Cards
1915. Professor P.R.S. Foli.
We give this method of Fortune-telling for what it is worth. It may be either a pastime seasoned with a flavour of mystery, a study in the weird ways of coincidence, or a test of skill quickened by intuition. We would have all our readers amused and interested, but none saddened or enslaved by it.
A Manual of Cartomancy, Fortune-Telling, and Occult Divination
Grand Orient (Arthur Edward Waite).
1909. London, W. Rider.
Including The Oracle of Human Destiny, Cagliostro's Mystic Alphabet of the Magi, The Golden Wheel of Fortune, The Art of Invoking Spirits in the Crystal, The Various Methods of Divination.
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot
Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela Colman Smith
1911. London, W. Rider.
Being fragments of a secret tradition under the veil of divination. With 78 plates, illustrating the greater and lesser arcana, from designs.
Mother Shipton's Gipsy Fortune Teller and Dream Book
1890. Henry J. Wehman.
Mother Shipton, born as Ursula Southeil, lived c. 1488—1561.